The following are examples of results that clients who have gone through our processes have achieved. While we developed and facilitated the process, these results were designed and generated by the employees of their respective organizations; therefore the buy-in was very high, the gains were maintained, and the satisfaction levels grew significantly.


Challenges: An insurance company and brokerage was in need of a Strategic Plan.

Action: We implemented the Strategic Planning process, Executive Leadership development process, Management development process, and Leadership development process for staff members.

Result: The Company completed 95% of the strategic plan initiatives, and the team is now functioning at a high level of alignment.

Challenges: A construction company was experiencing stagnant growth. It had been unable to grow beyond 100 employees.

Action: Implemented our Strategic Planning process, Executive Leadership development process, Management development process, and Team Leadership development process for Supervisors.

Result: The Company was able to double its staff in two years, reduce turnover, and continually surpass annual revenue targets.

Challenges: A 100-year old consumer services company was under constant price pressure and experiencing customer defections.

Actions: Implemented Strategic Planning process which redefined their business and positioned the company for profitable growth. We also implemented a customized organizational evaluation which was used to identify areas of misalignment in the new strategy between different departments.

Result: The Company successfully executed its growth strategy, shifting the revenue profile from 90% declining, to 40% profitably growing. New business processes were implemented that shortened decision cycle time from over 30 days to 1 day.

  • Thank you very much for guiding us through this. We are absolutely better off because of it. Biggest take away; What is our biggest leverage point/points and focus on effective change.

    Your right, it’s not just about business decisions.

    Michael Krause
    President, CEO
    Wurth USA
  • "...Karen is passionate about helping organizations improve their results and achieve higher levels of performance.  She excels at working collaboratively across a broad range of issues – strategy, people and process.  Gould Consulting Group would be an asset to any organization that wants to initiate positive organizational change."

    Kevin Crull,
    President, Residential Services
    Bell Canada

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