In today's volatile economic environment, planning for the future often takes a back seat to managing today's crisis. Unfortunately, firms who don't continually maintain a structured approach to strategic and business planning often find themselves in continual crisis mode and unable to pro-actively manage the business with an eye towards creating long-term shareholder value. Executives at leading companies know that a well-defined, cross-functionally integrated and efficient planning process is essential to identifying the key business drivers and investments required for growth, and the strategic options that must be evaluated to create value.

We can assist you in creating a powerful, but easy to implement Strategic Plan. The Gould Consulting Group strategic planning methodology focuses on defining your business vision and creating goals to execute toward the future growth of the business. Our planning process incorporates the long range vision with the short term goals and action steps required to move forward. We work closely with each client during the development of the plan and coach them through the execution. Together, we identify the obstacles that can lead to derailment and identify solutions to stay on plan.

Results accomplished with our Strategic Planning process:

  • Increased profits
  • Mission, vision and values defined and sustained
  • Increased focus on attracting, servicing and retaining customers
  • Increased alignment between organizational departments or operating groups improving efficiency
  • Resource allocation to highest value initiatives
  • Industry trends and technologies identified
  • Identification of new business opportunities

Click here to download our Strategic and Business Planning Process flowchart.

Special Situation: Merger, Acquisition or Divestiture Planning

If you are considering or have already announced a merger, acquisition or other major restructuring effort, early integration planning is vital to delivering on synergies required to create value for your shareholders. Major corporate events involving bringing together two or more disparate organizations or exiting a business require disciplined leadership and planning.

A recent study by McKinsey & Company showed that 70% of mergers failed to deliver expected revenue synergies and one-quarter overestimated cost synergies by at least 25%. Given those statistics, it's no wonder that investors don't believe acquirers can deliver value from these transactions.

Gould Consulting Group understands the practical challenges of building integration plans that deliver synergies. We assess and/or develop the integration team structure, skills and staffing required in developing a comprehensive integration plan. The integration team is critical to the success of the merger. During this stressful time for employees, it has been shown that people tend to 1) make riskier decisions, 2) fail to consider alternatives, 3) have difficulty maintaining focus and attention, 4) have a reduced tolerance for ambiguity, and 5) a decrease in productive thoughts.(2) We help you select and/or work with your existing integration team and other key leaders to encourage clear thinking, facilitate tough decisions and remove roadblocks and obstacles.

Based on our years of experience with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other complex corporate restructuring efforts, we know that individual functional plans are most often developed in a vacuum to meet very tight deadlines. However, integrating and validating the assumptions in the functional plans are essential to the success of the merger integration and delivery of synergies. We help our clients develop well-defined integration plans that are explicitly designed to achieve a high probability of success by incorporating risk mitigation strategies into the process. Where clients have an existing integration plan, we assess these plans for completeness, consistency and assumption validation. We uncover gaps and identify risks to delivering the synergies.

(1) “Stress Management: A Review of Principles” by Wesley E. Sime, PhD, MPH, PhD, University of Nebraska, June 1997.

  • Thank you very much for guiding us through this. We are absolutely better off because of it. Biggest take away; What is our biggest leverage point/points and focus on effective change.

    Your right, it’s not just about business decisions.

    Michael Krause
    President, CEO
    Wurth USA
  • "...Karen is passionate about helping organizations improve their results and achieve higher levels of performance.  She excels at working collaboratively across a broad range of issues – strategy, people and process.  Gould Consulting Group would be an asset to any organization that wants to initiate positive organizational change."

    Kevin Crull,
    President, Residential Services
    Bell Canada

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