Small businesses today face an uphill battle to succeed. To do so, the owner must combine a strong vision with an equally strong work ethic. Getting started and growing the organization requires different skill sets.

Strategic thinking is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, with a focus on a successful future. Succeeding in business requires a vision combined with the passion and commitment to pursue that vision. It also requires a willingness to change, to learn, to become, and to take calculated requires Entrepreneurial Leadership!

You will have the opportunity to further develop your leadership skills while working with your peers on key issues facing your organization.

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Roundtable is for small business leaders looking for a competitive edge to gain extraordinary results. You will have the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial leadership skills while aligning your organization’s vision and goals. The group sessions will allow you to interact with peers, network, resolve issues and improve your personal and professional results!

The sessions include:

  • Building a Sustainable Business
  • Developing a Vision and Defining your Values
  • Business Planning and Execution
  • Generating Customers and Profitability
  • Defining Critical Goals

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  • Thank you very much for guiding us through this. We are absolutely better off because of it. Biggest take away; What is our biggest leverage point/points and focus on effective change.

    Your right, it’s not just about business decisions.

    Michael Krause
    President, CEO
    Wurth USA
  • "...Karen is passionate about helping organizations improve their results and achieve higher levels of performance.  She excels at working collaboratively across a broad range of issues – strategy, people and process.  Gould Consulting Group would be an asset to any organization that wants to initiate positive organizational change."

    Kevin Crull,
    President, Residential Services
    Bell Canada

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